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The fics speak for themselves

(in chronological order)
Only extremely vague spoilers for anything, unless otherwise stated in the stories themselves. All pairings Janto unless specified.

Once Upon a Time, I loved Jack.

The Uncomfortable Realizations Series (the first stories):

Title: The Uncomfortable Moment in Which Jack Realizes He Has Tasted a Grande Soy Latte From Starbucks, and Others.
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen, with a dash of humor
Summary: Jack realizes, after decades upon decades, what his real problem is, and it wasn't what he would have thought. (Companion piece to Ianto's uncomfortable moment.)

Title: The Uncomfortable Moment in Which Ianto Realizes He Does Not Want to Clean a Litter Box, and Others.
Rating: PG
Genre:  Gen, with a dash of humor
Summary: Ianto has a problem or two himself, and he sure wishes he didn't. (Companion piece to Jack's uncomfortable moment.)

Incomplete (and a touch OOC for Ianto these days), but readable.
Title: Drowning
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen, with a touch of romance and adventure
Summary: When Jack calls him to help him secure and artifact, Ianto finds much more than he expected.

Then there came a time that I was MAD at him.

The One Who Doesn't Actually Exist
: PG-13 - R (language)
: angst (though nothing too dark)
Pairing: Ianto/Jack, Jack/Gwen
Summary: Ianto is free to be himself and only himself.
Notes: Blame the angst on Jack for being a total prat about Gwen and, in a round-about way, the bitches at my tennis drills.

Title: The Silence In That Place
: NC-17
Genre: angst
Summary: Gratuitous sexin'.
Notes: 'Tis smutty and hot, but not happy. Inspired by that one conversation in "Reset."

So, I Forced Myself To Get Over It.

Title: When Accessories Do Not Make the Man
Rating: G
Genre: fluff (but nothing gaggy)
Summary: Jack likes Ianto. You know, likes him, likes him.

And It Worked.

Title: What Happens In a Hundred Lifetimes, Part I: Michael  (4 parts in total)
Rating: R (overall, primarily for language)
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Jack/5 OC
Genre: Well, a little angsty, actually. But, if you can believe it, it's angsty Jack, not Ianto.
Summary: Ianto reminds Jack of someone else he knew, a long time ago.
Notes: Four-part story (complete). Follow the links at the bottom of each part. Approx. 12,000 words.

Title: The Truth I Chose for You
Rating: R
"When he kisses Ianto for the first time, Jack knows he's been lied to."

Title: The Dreams of Captain J. Harkness
Rating: G
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: When Jack sleeps,  he dreams.
Notes: Yes, Jack sleeps.

Holy Crap! Aliens among us.

I nicked this link from osprey_archer  because everyone needs to know there is a whole alien world right here on Earth.

Can you honestly say this doesn't just BLOW YOUR MIND? AMAZING.

Your result for The Classic Dames Test...

Barbara Stanwyck

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Fic Rec for DW

I can't really rec this at torchwood_house  because it's not a Torchwood story (Jack, Ianto and Gwen make some cameos, but that's pretty much it for TW), but I wanted to bring it to the attention of the flist in case ya'll missed it. Great Doctor-Donna story (in more than one sense), and of course, heart-breaking and romantic. I have NEVER been a Doctor-Donna shipper (I loved that there was little to no UST in their relationship), but that doesn't stop me from wanting them desperately to be together by the end of this.

April In My Arms
by shaggydogstail 

Many Things of Various Related Ratios

1) Back from Germany. Literally, 1000 pictures to sort through. Will be slideshow extravaganza of the most beautiful kind. Alps big. Also lovely. So is most of Bavaria and Austria. Oktoberfest = Good Frackin' Times. (Also, many, many beers were harmed in the making of this vacation.)

2) I won something. A skiffy for Best Jack - Gen fic. Feels cool. Also 3rd in category Best Jack - Romance fic. Am moved (I think I actually blushed when I saw the results).

3) Still have of the Jet Lag. Also, confirmed development of new fear of flying in the wake of two ungodly bad flights last year (wherein screaming and crying on those planes -- by the rest of the passengers, not me -- happened. I get very, very quiet and still when I am scared. Does not make for good Fight or Flight response. Does make for good passenger response, as I cannot help by driving or screaming). This is most inconvenient. I will need to look into vallium if choose to go to Hong Kong next year. Or even Chicago at the end of this month.

4) Am still pondering Chicago at the end of the month. Need new gutters and snow tires, which will all come out to about $2000. Ouch.

5) I think my flist needs to provide me with fic highlights from the time I was gone. What was your favorite fic of past two weeks?

Vid: 4 Gr8 LULZ

I could not be more late to the party on this one, but the look on Gwen's face when Jack calls her fat is effin' priceless.

Suck On It, Cynics

I just watched the first episode of "Lost In Austen," and I LOVED it! Love, Love, Love It!

Kali, per our earlier conversation re: the suckiness of Austen rip offs, I can only say that this falls directly into that category, but I LOVE IT anyway. I am ALL-CAPS CHARMED.

I cannot wait until Wednesday! Woo-hoo!
Let there be geekery!

Some of you will appreciate this more than others.

Random Tennis Stuff

Ok, so we lost this weekend, which kind of sucks. I hate 2nd place, especially when I know I can play BETTER than that! Still, we put in a good showing and got a trophy anyway... and an insanely kitschy, tragic trophy it is. Nothing like the Tiffany crystal tennis ball I won for singles last year, but whaddya gonna do? I love *all* my tennis trophies equally, as is only natural.

What is not natural is how beautiful James Blake is, regardless of how many times he breaks my heart by pissing away his chances at semifinal -- I'm not even asking for a Slam WIN... just a semifinal, James. But, I love you anyway... how can I not? LOOK AT HIM, PEOPLE!


Yep, the Internet is for Porn

Dontcha love it when YouTube figures out what you really like? YouTube gave this to me when I went to view something else, and damn if they didn't nail that one on the head.